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Mackenzie Keller

Business Manager




Mackenzie was born in Short Hills, New Jersey but grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia. She was raised with an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to music, which led to her love of a wide variety of genres from Classic Rock to Alternative Indie/Pop to Jazz.
At 3 years old, Mackenzie started having an interest in singing. She would hum and eventually sing along to songs on the radio to accidentally teach herself the basics of harmony and pitch matching. These small events grew her passion, and by 12, she was singing on stage at restaurants with rock bands put together through a local music program.
In 2018, Mackenzie released her first album, Metanoia. This debut collection (worked on from ages 16-18) was her first try at songwriting, engineering, producing, and graphic design. That same year she moved to Nashville, TN, to pursue a degree from Belmont University. In 2021, she graduated Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering. Throughout her time at Belmont, she was fortunate enough to work in studios on Music Row such as Oceanway and Columbia Studios A. During her senior year, she completed all the sound effects and post sound editing for a student-made movie.
In January of 2022, she started working as WFR’s resident business manager, photographer, social media manager, and second engineer.

Feel free to contact me at the email above with any business inquiries or questions!
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